the gang

Well, we made it!

Boy did we get sick as we left – everyone was throwing up and even our ride didn’t make it to the airport without doing a detour (poor Lori). We wouldn’t have made it without all the help from my mom’s group! We are all getting better and we are staying with Nana and Papa until we get possession of our house. There won’t be any pictures for a while until I get my computer up and going again, but until then give us a call here!

Link to pictures of Emma blowing bubbles!

2 Comments on “Vancouver!”

  1. Hi everyone!

    Glad to hear you are all feeling better! That was a trip to remember eh?

    I imagine everyone is feeling antsy to get settled – it will happen in time. And it will be lovely!

    Hey Jo – ask your mom if she remembers the time we were all in Vancouver staying with Grandma Ross with all our kids (we didn’t have the full contingent yet thank heavens!) We certainly had a few adventures!! Poor Grandma!

    Life goes on and on – and even gets more fun for some!

    Enjoy your time together, then enjoy the peace!


    Aunty Marj

  2. Hi Kerri-Jo & Co.

    Great to see the baby grow so nice. Great to hear you’ve gone back to Vancouver. I don’t know if you remember, but a classmate Felipe Gajardo from Colegio Ingles La Serena, currently lives in Vancouver. He’d be interested in visiting you, but I don’t have your new address.

    Newest photos of Mogens Mauricio at – he got his passport today so he can travel with his mom to Venezuela in a week.

    A big hug to you all,