Update – moving to Whonnock!

Here is an overview of the area where our new farm is going to be. Maybe we can entice you to come out and help us set up over the long weekend; just little things like clearing, painting, flooring… (*grin*)

So the Stewart Clan is getting closer to our move to our new farm, “Golden Dreams”. It is in Maple Ridge in an area called Whonnock. We are close to Lake Whonnock where there is a nice community center. There is a kayak club and Emma is already signed up for the Lakeside Preschool and we’ll all go to the wee-ones drop in. The school they will go to, Whonnock Elementary is also nearby. It looks like a great community!

And really exciting for me is the excellent trail system:

The Haney Horsemen take care of these amazing trails. I can ride to Golden Ears! Or down to the river. There is over 100 kms of trails all linked up in this area!! Plus the TransCanada Trail runs through here as well (an 18,000 km recreational corridor).

In the area there are lots of lakes and hopefully we will get to the hot springs soon (and maybe even meet the Sasquatch)! Michael will have plenty of opportunity to still go sailing as well (even though I have dragged him from the ocean to the mountains)!


Besides our Nina and our Akhal-Tekes (Darginka, Habib, Akpay and Pagoda):


We are also adding some funky chickens (Ameraucana-X, the white ones that were going to be culled, I love the look of them!!) and cool goats (Mini-Oberhasli) to our hobby farm (thanks Lyne!!)

So hopefully that will entice visitors to come out and help us!! lol


PS: Here is a link to a research audio conversation about the Sasquatch and the Ogopogo,

a science called cryptozoology