Tandem 10,000

Huw and Carolyn Thomas are a couple of journalists from Cornwall who are embarking on their Tandem 10,000 journey, to cycle around the world with a ShelterBox to raise money for the charity.

They left from the Vancouver art gallery yesterday and ended up at our place to start off the first leg of their journey. They are going up through the Fraser Canyon, across to Kamloops, over Roger’s Pass and then south from there to Cranbrook and through the US to Florida.

Day 2: Tandem 10,000

Day 2: Tandem 10,000

the ShelterBox

They also spoke at my father’s Rotary Club, who also support ShelterBox. (We met through separate ways, I thought it was cute that we both ended up meeting up with the couple!)

You can read more about them in our local news!

Follow their adventures at http://tandem10.wordpress.com