babies goats and more!

What a great spring it has been! Lots of sunshine now and green grass. We had two pretty doelings born here, Flopsy and Mopsy. We are milking the goats now and the kids like the fresh milk squirted right into their mouths. Rocky thinks he is a dog and Buddy and him are best friends.

I’m making up some herbal stuff for the animals, mostly for deworming and prevention. The silver rabbit doe is getting honey in her ears as she had an infection, boy did that ever clean it up quickly! A few of the hens are getting Diatomaceous Earth on them in case they have mites, which the rabbit may have as well (but I can’t find any?!). I’ll write about how the herbal deworming goes on my nutrition blog, I finally have all the required ingredients, including hyssop, wormwood and red clover! I’m still looking for slippery elm though if anyone has a source let me know.

the kids


helping fold laundry