dinner at the beach and horses

3 events in 1 post, .

Picnics at the ocean are a great way to have summer dinners – especially when Nana brings most of the food!

pics 1-7 are family potluck dinner at the beach
with Shawna and Riley, Francis, Faye, Devon and Dalton, Mike and Melanie, Dick, Sandy and Sarah, Nana and Papa and us (Michael, Emma, and Kerri-Jo). All at the beach in Boundary Bay, just down the street from all of us here in Tsawwassen.
1st picture from left to right, Sarah, Dalton, Devon, Emma and Riley
pics 8-10 are Potluck on the farm with the South Delta Mom’s and Tots group
That’s Sarah in the pink bikini on the horse and I’m taking Emma around on the horse in the next shot
pics 11-15 are a horse show that Sarah was in
She won a prize for her posture I think. Note, this is one of her first times sitting on a horse.

All the kids love riding horses and Sarah is becoming quite the equestrian. Look at that form!

2 Comments on “dinner at the beach and horses”

  1. Wow Emma! In some pictures (this post and the last few) Emma looks just like an adult. She looks so mature and it really looks like she gets around (great mobility/balance)!

    Is there any video of her somewhere?

    What a cutie!

  2. Soooo- when does Emma get her own horse? Looks Like Sarah was “born to the saddle”. Good for her!. Lucky kids at the beach. Summer is fun – especially when you live in Delta. Glad to see Rylie joining in all the fun.