Emma Claire – Day 0

Emma Claire Stewart
Nana holding Emma after a long night if you're not going to feed me why are you holding me? put me down and step AWAY from the diaper

Emma Claire Stewart, 8lb 6oz, 21in, 6:58am
it's been a looonnng night

Emma Claire Stewart, 8lb 6oz, 21 in. 6:58am after only 7 hours of labour!

She’s finally here, Yay!!

Mom and everyone are doing fine

we’re in Guelph General until tomorrow (Monday) morning Rm. 617,

then home. Stay tuned to this space for more pics and news.

Read the birth story!

27 Comments on “Emma Claire – Day 0”

    Not only do you produce a beautiful baby girl, but you’ve gon her posted before the sun sets on her first day. You most definitely win the prize for “Most doting parents!”

    Big huge congratulations to the three of you. We are all so very happy for you.

    Much love, Pam, Gord & Abby.
    p.s. Marj & Bekki & clan are also thrilled with the news.

  2. Congrts….She is beautiful. I bet Nana is thrilled. Take care well look forward to more pictures. Diane and Dave

  3. Happy News indeed! Beautiful wide eyes, eh! Hearty congratulations to you all. Cant’ wait to meet her in person.

    Way to go y’all!

    Best regards,
    Tom Jacqueline and Brigitte

  4. Congratulation to the parents for this beautiful girl.
    And congradulation to the nany aswell that, I am sure, spoil her already.

  5. Congratulations you two!
    Her two big cousins are very excited to have someone new to play with at the cottage!
    She is absolutely gorgeous!(She still didn’t beat the Getz girls in the biggest baby competition though!)
    Can’t wait to meet her.

    Love you guys,
    Jodie and Carly

  6. Mike and Kerri-Jo – just heard the great news. Congrats on an excellent job! Emma Claire is beautiful and really – all in only 7 hours (I’m jealous!!)? You are in for a wonderful ride – no sleep, but lot’s of fun! Can’t wait to see you and the gorgeous little one up at the cottage! You’ll have lots of willing babysitters there.
    Give her a big kiss for us!!
    Lots of love and best wishes,
    Kathie and Rich

  7. Congratulations guys! We showed Riley the picture of his new cousin today and he seemed pretty impressed. Good luck in the coming weeks; get as much sleep as you can whenever you have the opportunity because you won’t have many chances. It’s all worth it though. We hope RJ can meet Emma soon…

    Riley, Shawna, and Brent

  8. Thanks goodness she looks like her mother!!!

    Just kidding … a beautiful baby. Claire is very excited now she isn’t the youngest cousin any more! Also she totally approves of the middle name!!

    We will come out to see you as soon as we can – probably at the end of the month.

  9. A bundle of joy….so precious, a beautiful baby girl.
    Congratulations to the proud parents and of course nana too!!
    Happy diaper days.

    Best wishes
    Francis, Faye, D’Alton & Devon

  10. Yahoo!! Congratulations to all! Emma Claire looks like a real sweetie. Our best wishes to you both.
    Love — Mae and Wayne

  11. Welcome to the world baby Emma. We are so happy you have made a safe landing! Be sure to twinkle your beautiful eyes at your mom and dad and they will do whatever you wish! Congratulations to all of you! Much love to all of you.
    Auntie Marj et al.

  12. Hey Guys,
    Glad to hear all is well Emma looks great! Looking forward to seeing her in person.
    Trish, Ron, Lauren and Emily Parker

  13. 7 hours of labour and look at the result! WOW! What a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations to both of you. Waiting for more pics.
    Chantal, Scott and the kiddies.

  14. Guelph General eh? That’s a good start: both Kieron and Isabeau were born there, and are turning out alright :-)

    Welcome Emma from us over here in London (UK, that is). It’s a good family you’ve been born in to, we know that you’re going to have a great life!

    Charles, Janine, Isabeau & Kieron

  15. Congrats to the proud new parents. What a beautiful baby girl (yay, finally some estrogen in the family!;o) We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you soon (hopefully at the wedding, and all the cousins can meet:o) Welcome to the world, Emma!
    Love Mélanie and Mike

  16. Hi guys!
    Congrats!!! Give us a call if you need anything!
    Babysitter… etc. Looks like a sweet baby!

  17. CONGRATULATIONS Mike and Kerri-Jo!! Emma is so beautiful and you both look great! I wish you all the very best.


  18. Congratulations Kerri-Jo and Michael! What a little sweetie and I bet Grandma Jan had a hard time letting go of Emma. Lucky for you Jo – only 7 hours on the first. Take care of that little wee one and may you have many good sleeps.

    Bernice and Gord

  19. Mike and Kerri-Jo:

    On behalf of all of the gang at Lifelearn, we are thrilled with the news and that all are well.

    Emma looks incrediby healthy. A daughter, wow. Daughters are great!

    All our best,

  20. Congrats to both of you and a big hello to Emma! She is lovely! All the best .. Kate and Rose.

  21. CONGRATULATIONS to the two of you.
    Glad to hear that things went smoothly.
    According to historical data, the next
    one will be even quicker and easier.

    Love from both of us.

    Joyce & Terry

  22. Congratulations to you both, you did a great job! Emma is beautiful! We look forward to seeing you all at your postpartum visits. Take care, and see you soon
    from us all at the Guelph Midwives

  23. Kerri:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Gees – a mom and what a beautiful daughter. Fill me in on all the details and what’s been happening with you. I’m so so happy for you.

    Shirl (Delight’s mom)

  24. Congratulations on your bundle. I’ll check up on your site to see your beautiful baby girl grow!