Merry Christmas!!!

Emma was up at 2am but managed to wait until 4am to open her stocking. Daniel got up at 6am and opened his. Then finally we had breakfast and were able to open presents!!

From Emma: Thanks Nana for the Nintendo 3DS, I can’t play it until it is charged. Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Terry, thanks for the music box! I love my piggy bank from Mary.
I can learn to play the harmonica now as Gran gave me one. I think mom will have to help me with the weaving kit though! I have a pretty sticker book from Steven as well!!

From Daniel (who is now stuck playing I Spy on the Leapster, thanks Nana and Gran for the Leapster games!): Thanks for my sweater Nana! Thanks for my lego Gran!! Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Terry I love my fire truck. I’m saving my sticker book from Steven and am going to play with Emma’s first!

both: thanks Santa for our stuffed puppies. Next year please make them real ones. Love, Emma and Daniel

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