Baby Alex escapes!

Today was a big day. Alexander James arrived and we’re very excited.
For posterity I am recording the experience of the birth of our second child.

the birth of Alexander James

Thursday (never could get the hang of thursdays ;-) September 28th, due date for the baby. My alarm goes off at 6am. Kerri-Jo has been lying awake and I ask how she is doing?” “I’m not sure, I’m uncomfortable but nothing serious”. We talk for a bit then Kerri- Jo says “ow”. “ow what?” “I could feel that contraction”.At this point Emma makes some noise (Oh no, it’s WAY too early for her to get up, if she gets up now she’ll be brutal all day) I rush off to her room and get her back to sleep. I start getting ready for the day, “So, do you think I should go to work today?” “take the car today and if this is it I’ll meet you at Women’s Hospital”. I’m now packing my lunch for work and Kerri-Jo is still quite uncomfortable, the contractions are coming about every 15 minutes now (she’s had 3 since I woke up). “don’t you think we should call the mid-wife dear?” “yeah, I think we really should” (Ok, something is up, she’s not normally this agreeable about such things). Ok where’s that number, got it, got a phone, Kerri-Jo makes the call I go find a bag to pack for myself “just in case”. It’s 7am at this point and Kerri-Jo has told the mid-wife she has lots of time for showering, etc. – she’s called her mom as well and told her the same thing. I’m deciding at this point to stay home for the day. Emma is still blessedly asleep.

Jan arrives and immediately starts organizing us some more, bags are moved, Kerri-Jo is up and experiencing a fair amount of pain per contraction “Ow, I want to go to the hospital right now so I can get drugs!”, uh oh, this is a bad sign. Last time this happened it was late in the game. 7:30, the midwife arrives, Kerri-Jo repeats the request to go the hospital and for DRUGS. midwife “so, shall I examine you and listen to the heartbeat to see where things are at before we go?” Minutes later Kerri Jo, Jan and the midwife go flying past the door of the office where I’m on the computer looking at a bewildering array of cameras that look at highway near the Massey tunnel. I look up and finally stop the midwife “she’s 6-7cm dilated, we have to leave right now if we’re going to leave, I’ve reserved a room for you at Women’s Hospital”.

OH, last time we were this far along we were half an hour away from a baby. Jan “I’m not taking her in my car -we’ll go with the midwife, Michael you follow us as soon as David gets here to take care of Emma, make sure you bring my bag, and get David’s Cell phone so we can contact you” “Right…wait…but…” sigh (I have to drive our car, it has the infant baby seat in it…I also need to stay here since there’s no one here to take care of Emma until David arrives…argh). David is walking from 20 minutes away, and only just started, I’m not a patient person at this point, to keep from losing my mind I get on the phone, I call my mom, I call my brother’s house…David FINALLY arrives at the house, a moment after Emma (bless her heart) has just woken up (around 7:55 I’d have to guess now). We look for the keys to Jan’s car, not here…we have to take David and Emma with us to Nana’s house to get the spare car keys. David hands me his cell phone, we get into the car and the phone rings, I hand it to David, he answers, there’s no one there, he calls the number back “It’s the local Hospital” “what do they want, weren’t they going to Women’s?”. His phone rings again, he answers “I did answer, Oh, the baby’s here arleady? a boy? Oh”. We’re on our way to Nana’s house still, I have missed the birth of my second child…I am very anxious now to get to the hospital. We arrive at Nana’s house, get the keys, get back to our house, I drop Emma and David off.

Time for a small flip-out in the car….ARRRRGH I wanted to be there. I was there for the first one…some things in life are unavoidable. I arrive at the hospital and now the story starts with puddles in the parkinglot of the hospital.

Jan, Kerri-Jo and Jane the Midwife are on their way to the hospital. Women’s Hospital, about 30-40 minutes away if there’s no traffic, it’s a normal thursday morning during rush hour… 50 minutes would be a very optimistic estimate for the trip they were trying to make I suspect. Five minutes away from the house, Kerri-Jo’s water breaks all over the inside of the midwife’s car. Now Jan in her great wisdom has prepared the car for this, plastic bags and absorbant materials festoon the back seat of the car and protect Kerri-Jo and the car from each other. At this point Jane has a decision to make, call 911 or go to the local hospital. Jan pipes up “Local Hospital!” Kerri-Jo “don’t stop on the side of the road”, thinking that she couldget drugs sooner at Delta hospital”. Both Jan and the midwife “get your bum in the air, can you get up on all fours?”. Kerri-Jo makes a valiant effort and manages to get her bum in the air, the midwife is making for the local hospital.

They arrive in front of emergency just before 8am, the emergency team are outside “ready”. midwife to Kerri-Jo “Ok we’re here, it’s time to get out of the car” Kerri-Jo “I can’t”. Jan is out and is now trying to help Kerri Jo out of her pants which are a mess. Nurse James takes charge and gives directions. Again a heroic effort from Kerri-Jo, she starts backing out of the car, Kerri-Jo gets her feet on the ground, the baby bungee’s out of Kerri-Jo into her pants leg “SOMEONE GET MY BABY!” There are cries of “we need warm blankets!” a nurse runs forward with a blanket and catches the baby at 8am. The baby is wrapped, the umbilicus is clamped and then cut, Kerri-Jo is finally got onto a gurney and the whole circus moves inside the hospital.

To be cont…

23 Comments on “Baby Alex escapes!”

  1. Hi Gang!

    What an entrance Alex :-) we can’t wait to meet you. Congratulations to mom, dad and big sis Emma.

    Hugs & Kisses
    The Dupuis Gang

  2. Wow Stewartclan, what an exciting story! Can’t wait to meet Alex. Best wishes from the smithlings!

  3. WOW Kerri … another dramatic birth story, what a trooper! Cailey thinks ‘Emma’s baby’ is super cute and looking at your pictures made her smile. We can’t wait to meet your new little man!

  4. Hi Kerri-jo, Michael, Emma and now Baby Alex > Wow Kerri-jo what a story. I am glad everything turn out allright in the end. Alex is here and healthy. I loved the picture’s of Alex with Emma they are wonderful. We miss you all . Talk to you soon
    Trisha,Gregery & Zachery Blake xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. In your pant leg? Really! You get the prize for the quickest delivery in this family! Too bad Michael couldn’t be there for it, but good thing that there was a driver AND an extra person to arrange things for the express delivery!

    Love Jane

  6. What a beautiful little guy! Way to go Kerry you are my hero, no drugs or anything. You truly are a trooper! Conall loves the pics of Emma and Alex.

  7. Oh my…WELCOME ALEX!!!! Kerri-Jo and Michael, you are each heroic in a different way. I’m amazed by the story. Here’s hoping things are a little more calm for awhile now! Thinking of you tons. Beautiful children – amazing parents.

  8. Well, Hallelujah…….what a story! Congratulations to all and I’m glad everyone is fine! Love the pics.

  9. You don’t do things half way Kerri. Hope all is well today. Just got back from Italy will talk to Mom later. CONGRATULATIONS

  10. Only Kerri-Jo could “bungee” her new baby into this world ;)

    Congrats to the proud parents!

  11. Congratulations!!! Wow… what a story… Look forward to meeting the ‘new kid on the block’ when we get back… and a big congratulations to big sister Emma!!!

  12. Congratulations! What a beautiful Family! Need more photo’s that include you Micheal.

  13. Hello Big boy – We’re so excited to have here with us! Congratulations Jo and Mike!
    And a special congratulations to Emma! What a happy big sister!
    Can’t wait to see you guys!

  14. Kerri-Jo, are you sure when that crazy psychic said your son would be a “handful” she didn’t misinterpret the so-called powers-at-work when they said your son would be a “pantful”?? LOL

    ok, sorry…couldn’t resist….just too funny.

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  16. The pictures are wonderful…. Tell Emma I miss her
    Can’t wait to meet Alex. Much better story then a normal boring birth in a hospital ward.

  17. A birth is always a story to tell the family, _this_ birth is one to tell to strangers: “good yarn, but wait ’till I tell you how _my_ son arrived”. You’re gonna win the story competitions forever, way to go! (oh, and our very best wishes on the arrival of the protagonist ;-)

    Love from London, C, J, I & K!

  18. Hi there,

    Wonderful news! We just heard … family grapevine is obviously not working very well.

    Much love from John and Meg

  19. Holly dina! Congrats to all of you!!! What a story…are you able to laugh about it yet? Corbin and Carli love the pictures( as do I of course!) We look forward to playing together. Take care

  20. I am finally trying this as three previous e mails have not gotten through .Anyway it is great news,and now you have the perfect family you can quit and do other things .What an adventure!!Love MaryAnne

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