22 weeks – Baby or Alien

As you can see, it’s definitely an alien.
The cross-hairs in the eyes prove it conclusively ;-)

14 weeks later, human development is awe inspiring.
There’s a person in there already. No, we have no idea what the sex is. No fiddly-bits were seen during this ultrasound so it could be a girl, still, it’s 50-50 either way at this point.

2 Comments on “22 weeks – Baby or Alien”

  1. Have you read John Wyndham’s “The Crysalids”?
    It was a long time ince I last read the book but
    when Benjamin was born I felt impelled to count the toes. I wonder what that says about me?


  2. I have read it, more than once.
    And healthy and whole and
    ‘normal’ whatever that is,
    is all I want for this child.

    Now that you mention it I might
    just have to count everything to
    make sure… :-)