Entrance hall:    

living room: Kitchen:

Daniel’s room: Kid’s bath:

Playroom:   Den:

Master Bath:  Downstairs bath:

Hard at work:  

More problems:  

Is it done?   about time!!

Our new pump, and there is water!!!!

from kitchen: 

We have all the carpets pulled and lots of walls and ceilings too – anywhere there is mould. It’s not great living on cold cement (downstairs) or wood upstairs, humm, Michael – Ikea has laminate for $1,29/ft2. Cork would be really nice though!

The shower downstairs is now roughed in and Emma and I had a shower tonight. The water guys worked overtime to get water for us!! Yea! I don’t have the door on it yet, maybe tomorrow.

We still have tons of tearing out to do, anyone want to come and take out some frustrations?!!!