Our new house – renos:

Here is where we are at with our new house! We are getting there – all the indoor trim has to be painted white and the doors as well.

Just landscaping left here.

Living room: Just trim here, plus we are waiting on a couple chairs. We also want to put trim around the fireplace.

Kitchen: Trim again, plus the island needs finishing (will be all white).

Dining room: Trim again. Plus something to visually separate the wall between the living and dining room (where we took out one of the walls). I am also going to paint the sidetable black.

Basement: A few things down here still – plus trim and fixing a door. Also painting the bookshelves.

Basement bath: Paint the countertop black and eventually change the floor as well.

TV room: Trim and the doors to the laundry and downstairs are being replaced- and the one to garage painted white.

Main bathroom: Trim again. I think we’ll leave the countertop – a bit of a retro look.

Emma’s room: Painting the dressers and bookshelf (light green) and the trim (white).

Spare room: Window and closet trim.

Master bedroom: Trim and doors. Also I think we’re going to paint a blue rectangle above the bed. You can’t see it but the other two walls are really green.

Ensuite bath: Trim again.

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