Kerri-Jo completed a Masters degree in the area of Equine Exercise Physiology at the University of Guelph under Dr. Michael Lindinger and Dr. Ray Geor and with Gayle Ecker, now director of Equine Guelph. Kerri-Jo is also an athletic trainer with a Bachelors degree in Health and Fitness from the University of British Columbia. She has received her massage therapy accreditation through Grant MacEwan Community College in Edmonton, AB.

Kerri-Jo has worked with the UBC Braves Hockey team and a Vancouver Div. 1 soccer team and received the UBC Osborne Award for best trainer. Kerri-Jo worked with the Sport Medicine Council of B.C. both as a trainer and instructor for sports aid courses. She has also led physical training and taught anatomy and physiology courses as an instructor for the Canadian Forces. She was also on faculty at Malaspina University-College as the Intramural Coordinator.

One of Kerri-Jo’s favourite positions was as an assistant coach at Vancouver Island University with varsity women’s basketball team. She also coached the Highwood Girls Sr. varsity team for two seasons.

Other accomplishments for Kerri-Jo include coming top 5 in North America in Sweepstakes money earning with Abu Dhan in Competitive Trail, being a marksman (AR-17) with the Canadian Forces, doing a 5,600 km cycling trip, and being the massage therapist (both human and equine) for Canada West at the 1999 Pan American Games. Kerri-Jo has also been a judge for national Competitive Trail and FEI endurance competitions. During her post-secondary education, Kerri-Jo played college basketball, rowed in the UBC varsity eight and played goalie for the UBC varsity water polo team.

Kerri-Jo’s passion is for horses, especially Akhal-Tekes. She placed sixth this year in the Endurance Riders of British Columbia with Darginka, competing in mainly limited distance rides but winning the majority.

Kerri-Jo maintains an equine research and nutrition blog that is now combined with a photo blog on her commercial site, All her research is linked from there as well on the blog posts.



Now that Kerri-Jo is returning to riding after having children she decided that she wanted to ride horses that were fun, versatile and responsive, but not reactive nor spooky. Ever since hearing about the breed in Estonia in 1992 she has had an interest in finding out more about these horses that are great endurance athletes while being calm and sensible. After importing her first mare, Darginka, she quickly fell in love with the breed and imported two more mares and a stallion for breeding from elite stock in Russia. Read about them on the Teke Talk. The Akhal-Teke blog was started when there was available information about this breed, however now that they are all over the internet the blog has been archived.



Kerri-Jo’s love of photography has started to become a good business producing special family portraiture to a book or unique artwork for display. Call and let her know what you want!


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