Congrats on your MSc Kerri!



The Procession:

First row:

The Ceremony:

And convocated!



4 Comments on “Graduation!”

  1. Kerri-Jo – You make me soooo PROUD!

    You three look very happy.
    Love ya

  2. Kerri-Jo, you make me soooo PROUD!
    You three look very happy and the other two are proud of Mummy too.
    Love ya

  3. Congratulations on the graduation.

    You’ve got a good looking babysitter.
    I’d like to meet her one day soon.

  4. Congratulations Kerri-Jo!! Came by to see how the baby is coming along and surprise! You are now a MSc! Quite an achievement! Your baby is growing very nice too, congrats Michael too, just read the Emma birth blog and it’s quite an adventure! You’ve also had quite a few changes in your last months, it all makes life quite the more interesting that way :-)

    I invite you to come by and visit our photo gallery with our new baby, Mogens Mauricio, born on June 26.

    A big hug and very glad to be, in some way, part of your lives too.

    Johanna, Mogens & Mogens