All the goats are sold, thanks!

Three month old kids:

Four males (La Mancha/Saanan x Alpine)
one female (La Mancha/Saanan x Alpine) – will be awesome milker
one female Boar cross – super cute, the fawn coloured one

Blacky: Alpine doe – awesome milker (2 years old). Had triplets this year (the three dark kids) milking

Snowy: Alpine-Saanan doe (2 years old) -very good milker, milking

Flopsy & Mopsy: Two Boar cross yearling does, pregnant

Lucy: Purebred Alpine doe (2 years old) pregnant

Rocky: La Mancha x Saanan buck (yearling) – from amazing milking lines
Very friendly and a good pet as well as being a great herd protector.

Some of our goat photos: